Unbreakable Peplink SD-WAN for Emergency Services

Achieve a robust wireless network for your emergency service by ensuring rapid speed and ultra-low latency to optimise communications.

Emergency services around the world require instant and constant access to a secure and high-speed connection. Mobile police units setting up portable security cameras need a flexible network infrastructure to host connections between their control room and remote devices. First responders need reliable high-bandwidth connectivity, wherever they are called into action. This makes Peplink routers an ideal solution for emergency services everywhere.

For mobile applications, reliable internet in the field is essential. Challenges often faced include insufficient bandwidth, network congestion, and poor network coverage – especially in rural and remote areas. Supporting multiple connectivity technologies (e.g., cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite), Peplink’s suite of mobile routers achieves a robust and secure wireless network. Bonding the bandwidth of several mobile connections forms an ultra-fast data link, providing emergency services with rapid speeds and low latency to strengthen everyday communications.

Ultimate SIMplicity

Paired with Network Innovations’ uLINK globally roaming SIM cards, Peplink users can access multiple network operators using a single SIM. Simply connect to any available network and when the connection is lost, the SIM will automatically seek a new one, anywhere in the world. For additional security, they can be configured with their own private APN. Alternatively, a satellite link from Network Innovations would provide an always-available connection when cellular infrastructure is congested, compromised, or otherwise not available.

Mobile Team Resiliency

Leveraging this technology, deployed teams can manage every aspect of their fleet network via the Cloud. From simple VPN configuration to individual device status, everything can be accessed and monitored remotely. No longer worry about connectivity and focus on managing the incident. This solution from Network Innovations offers mobile teams increased resiliency – enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities, even when networks are stressed, enabling emergency services to Succeed. Anywhere.

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