Case Study: Swedish Police Overcome Distance and Natural Barriers with Satellite Connectivity Solutions

For many years, the Swedish Police department has had to overcome natural obstacles impairing terrestrial radio connectivity.

Blog Icon Master 2021_ChallengeTHE CHALLENGE

20170629_100059-1Sweden, a beautiful country situated in Northern Europe with an abundance of stunning landscapes and scenery, attracts hundreds of global adventurers annually to trek the wide mountain range bordering Norway. The region’s vast tracts of hilly and mountainous land are perfect for activities like hiking, camping or wildlife fishing. However, outdoor activities in these remote areas come with risks, especially during the winter months when temperatures plummet into the minus degrees creating challenging conditions even for experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

For many years, the Swedish Police department has had to overcome natural obstacles impairing terrestrial radio connectivity. For an adventurer who had lost their way or sustained an injury, this meant limited or no connectivity to call for assistance. Within the Fjords, a land-based radio network existed that consisted of help boxes placed sporadically throughout the mountainous areas. However, this network experienced geographical interference that impeded radio transmissions and reduced coverage.

In addition to the reduced connectivity, teams found that executing a search and rescue in these remote landscapes was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Placing the adventurers’ safety in the forefront, the Swedish Police understood that a solution was needed to provide rescue connectivity without interference from natural barriers and distance.


Blog Icon Master 2021_Quotation MarksWe need to develop another technology solution to solve this problem. In these areas, the public mobile network does not have any radio coverage at all.
–Swedish Communications Partner


Blog Icon Master 2021_SolutionTHE SOLUTION

In 2016, the Police, working with a local communications partner, took steps to provide connectivity. The teams designed fixed telephone/ radio boxes that were installed in rescue cabins throughout the area, but they still faced the obstacle of supplying a dedicated and reliable voice communication connection. To overcome this problem, Network Innovations (NI) was contacted and joined in creating a solution.

Network Innovations understood the challenges and integrated always-available satellite communication connectivity into the telephone/radio boxes. NI installed the Iridium 9523 modem, linking the receiver handsets, enabling calls that could be initiated with the push of a button. The modem produces a clear and fast satellite communication’s link for anyone who requires emergency support.

Convinced by the capabilities of Network Innovations’ solution, the satellite modems and accessories were expanded into additional safety cabins in the affected regions enhancing rescue operations with aid and relief to explorers in crisis. The telephone/radio cabins are now ready for use around the clock and the Iridium modems consume reduced power when disengaged via a programable ‘sleep mode’ timer.



Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE RESULT

Global adventurers continue their treks throughout the Swedish trails honing their skills and pushing their limits knowing that safety is only a phone call away.

The Swedish Police have peace of mind knowing that the telephone/radio cabins provide a safe haven and the satellite solution from Network Innovations continues to supply efficient and reliable connectivity, throwing a lifeline to those in need.

Blog Icon Master 2021_FutureTHE BENEFIT

  1. Voice communication.
  2. Initiate call with one button.
  3. Quick and reliable communication.
  4. Phone goes into sleep mode when not in use.
  5. Provides a 24/7 helpline.
  6. Easy to manage solution: remote terminal management, debugging and configuration options.


Blog Icon Master 2021_Quotation MarksAnyone who has experience an accident/illness can alert the RLC and request assistance. With the satellite phone from Network Innovations we have solved the mission.
–Swedish Communications Partner


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