Case Study: Large Offshore Energy Company Improves Performance, Uptime & Morale with Global Connectivity Solutions

Fusion Marine consults to build and deliver the best solutions for a fleet of oil and gas vessels, ensuring remote crews can consistently stay connected and entertained.

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Crude oil and natural gas are found all around the world, frequently in remote regions far from processing facilities. Pipelines often end at marine terminals or offshore platform loading facilities, where the oil is loaded into offshore vessels for transportation. The oil and gas shipping process often requires many days at sea on the way to the processing facilities with unreliable network coverage.

shaah-shahidh--subrrYxv8A-unsplash-1Many depend on the digital world to stay connected, and this is especially true for those in challenging offshore conditions. On their mission to efficiently get energy supply to the market, a large independent Exploration and Production (E&P) company required always-available connectivity for their five tanker vessels.

Traditionally, tankers carry most of the world’s crude oil and liquified natural gas from producing to consuming nations. Recognizing the importance of bridging the gap in communication to maintain a high standard of service and safety, this company and their crews initially built a requirement for VSAT airtime. Over time, they looked to further expand their capabilities, increasing efficiency and crew morale.

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In 2020, Fusion Marine ensured the E&P company’s fleet of tankers were equipped with high-speed data communications. Delivered via Cobham Satcom’s SeaTel 1.5 meter antennas, MAVERICK VSAT service allowed the crews to remotely retrieve data, communicate via email, browse the web and social media, and execute tasks online in real-time. While enhancing productivity and responsiveness on board, MAVERICK also allowed for both continual and occasional usage plans – providing the vessels with flexibility to quickly increase their bandwidth should they need to.

This solution provided reliable and redundant connectivity, minimizing the risk of downtime as the crew loaded and delivered crude oil across the West Coast. For added peace of mind, the network is proactively monitored by Fusion Marine, with support specialists working to resolve connectivity issues quickly to keep operations online.

In 2021, the E&P company decided to further expand their connectivity, with a strong focus on crew welfare. After consulting at every stage to find the best solution, Fusion’s technicians proceeded to provide airtime and install both the hardware for Television Receive Only (TVRO) systems and upgrade their on-board surveillance cameras.

Keeping crew entertained is a crucial part of the efficient operation of any working vessel. Built to last in extreme conditions, Cobham  Satcom’s robust SeaTel TVRO antenna platforms provides a strong satellite TV signal – ensuring crystal clear reception even in poor weather.


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"Our team at Fusion Marine provided a local service, continuing to address operational challenges across the company's fleet of vessels. By actively monitoring their services, we're able to bring any problems to their attention before they're even aware of them."
– Dave Brengelmann, Senior Sales Representative, Network Innovations
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Since the initial installation, the E&P company has continued to take advantage of Fusion Marine’s local engineering resources, proactive support, and global reach – combining satellite coverage with terrestrial networks.

In addition, Fusion Marine is now working to provide fully integrated A/V systems for each vessel. Dave Brengelmann commented:
“We’re supplying and installing the equipment for state-of-the-art A/V rooms. As a result, the crew can now be assembled in the galley and join a Microsoft Teams call, over either satellite or cellular networks. By helping them adopt the latest technologies, they are more responsive, productive, and happy while at sea.”

The partnership between Fusion Marine and this E&P company allows the tankers to always stay connected to shore without disruption, keeping the remote crews online and maximizing operational time. They’re now better equipped to manage the transportation of critical resources, in their quest to deliver energy to consumers around the world and Succeed. Anywhere.


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