Case Study: PTT Solution Ensures In-The-Air Connectivity for a European Law Enforcement Department

Network Innovations provides a quick-to-deploy solution increasing the security, safety, and efficiency of a law enforcement unit in the air. 

Blog Icon Master 2021_Challenge The challenge

jia_omslag_posomWhen the mission calls from above, law enforcement agencies in the air require dependable in-flight connectivity. Police services commonly use aircraft for traffic control, search and rescue, air patrol, monitoring large-scale events, and more – so, it is crucial that they are equipped with technology that facilitates cooperation between multiple parties.

Assisting teams with on-the-ground pursuit, surveillance, and tracking, a European law enforcement department required a connectivity solution ensuring seamless in-flight communication between the craft and teams on the ground. With an urgent task at hand, they only had a tight timeline to ensure their latest fleet of helicopters had a functioning network connection.

Blog Icon Master 2021_SolutionTHE SOLUTION

After consulting about the potential requirement at an Aerospace tradeshow, Network Innovations was approached when the need became a reality. With a complete range of solutions for both special mission rotary and fixed wing operations, the team at NI could provide tactical communications for this time-critical operation.

A Flightcell DZMx was integrated within the helicopter’s cockpit, operating over the Iridium® PTT network - providing voice communications, global push-to-talk (PTT), and uninterrupted GPS tracking.


The Flightcell DZMx’s satcom capability enabled both the pilots and crew to connect with operations on the ground and its tracking system meant that home-base crews could always monitor the position of the aircraft. Powered by Iridium’s PTT network, the reliable network coverage of this solution enabled the rapid coordination between air and ground teams at any moment.

Understanding the need to save space in the aircraft, the Flightcell DZMx offered an all-in-one solution with minimal wiring requirements. The small but mighty box, provides constant contact between aircrew and ground units for improved situational awareness.


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"Our solution meant that the pilots and crew could communicate from anywhere, sending critical updates and commands throughout their operation. We're glad we could assist!"
– Niklas Angerind, General Manager, Network Innovations
Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE result

For the personnel within this European law enforcement department, the integration of this solution has taken their air-to-ground communications to a new level. Following general flight tests, their fleet of helicopters began patrol with reliable communication in hand.

Working within the tight timeframe, Network Innovations was able to provide a quick-to-deploy solution that increases the security, safety, and efficiency of the law enforcement unit in the air. Equipped with global PTT connectivity, they can operate in remote locations, and even switch from cellular to satellite transmission when the aircraft is out of range.

Network Innovations’ solution continues to provide a reliable connection, ensuring that this European law enforcement department can safely operate and Succeed. Anywhere.


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