World Space Week 2021

It's World Space Week. An annual event that celebrates technology and science, alongside the contribution they make to the betterment of human condition.

We’re excited to celebrate World Space Week (WSW), the world’s largest annual space event - beginning on the 4th October to commemorate the launch of the first human made satellite, and ending on the 10th to honor the Outer Space Treaty signing. World Space Week is officially described as an international observance of science and technology, plus their contribution to our everyday life.

This Year's Theme


This year, World Space Week is dedicated to the theme of “Women in Space”, celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of women to the space sector and sciences. Here’s an example. Katharine Louise Bouman, an American Scientist, helped take the first ever photograph of a black hole (pictured to the right) – something that was once thought to be unseeable!

Women have participated in the scientific research on the space station since 2001 and are an integral part of advances in the program. Did you know? As of March 2021, 65 women have flown in outer space.

Women’s work has been instrumental in space exploration and World Space Week looks to inspire budding female astronauts and their future careers in the space industry.

Celebrating World Space Week

This annual event provides unique leverage in space outreach while educating people around the world about the benefits they receive from space. This includes educational workshops and online lectures held by organizations such as space agencies, astronomy clubs, and museums.

In 2020, more than 6,500 events were organized in over 60 countries under the theme “Satellites Improve Life”. With over 90 countries holding events this year, 2021 could be a year for the books!


NI & Space

Our relationship with space and technology goes way back. Founded in 1989, Network Innovations began providing traditional terrestrial communications, but quickly understood the growing need for always-available satellite connectivity. Delivering solutions tailored for operations on land, at sea, and in the air, we continue our history of leading the critical communications industry.

Today, the demand for greater interoperability, remote control, automation, and more is growing. Made possible by advancements made in space and satellite technologies, our work across industries such as Defense, Public Safety, Energy, Maritime, Media, Mining, Utilities, and Agriculture enables organizations to maximize efficiency, improve safety, and safeguard operations.

It’s safe to say World Space Week holds a special place in our hearts. We celebrate the contributions of technology in the work we do with our clients daily. Satellite communication enables the connectivity of people, places, and things around the world, empowering those who utilize it with a means to Succeed. Anywhere.


Learn more about World Space Week’s mission here:

Find out more about the events planned for World Space Week 2021:

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