CALGARY, AB, CAN, April 7, 2021 — Network Innovations is pleased to announce their partnership with AnsuR, for unique software solutions aiding industries worldwide.

With an initial focus on remote inspection, this partnership will later expand into other markets served by Network Innovations. 
AnsuR Technologies is a software company that solves the fundamental challenges in communicating high precision video and photo content over bandwidth constrained connectivity to support mission-critical or time sensitive decision making. This partnership will provide Network Innovation’s clients with fast and precise communication of mission-critical visual information, even in the most remote areas and challenging situations.
Network Innovations will utilize AnsuR’s comprehensive technology platforms:
ASIGN - A family of software solutions that delivers an interactive visual content management capability. Enabling the transfer of low resolution preview images or video storyboards that can be used to select specific content for transfer in high precision. Resulting in significant cost savings, decreased transfer time and data usage efficiencies.
ASMIRA - A video streaming software that supports the efficient and cost effective use of bandwidth constrained connectivity, such as satellite communications. With the ability to optimize video for low data rate transfer, including HD video at less than 200kbps, and to select real-time content that contains relevant visual information needed for rapid decision making. ASMIRA overcomes the bandwidth limitations associated with streaming video.
Paul Gudonis, Chief Strategy Officer at AnsuR states, “Our solutions are value enablers for those that require visual information to support decision making, such as emergency services, military operations or remote inspection. As a small software focused business, the partnership with Network Innovations presents a superb opportunity to collaborate with experts who really care about solving their customers challenges.”
Andrew Burdall, President of Americas at Network Innovations states, “Our partnership with AnsuR will help tackle the challenges our clients face in critical operations, enabling the reliable and precise communication of visual information, anytime and anywhere.  We look forward to working alongside AnsuR’s team of professionals, catering to the specific needs of our customers with innovative visual communication tools.”

About Network Innovations.


Since 1989, Network Innovations (NI) has grown to be a global leader in connecting people, places, and things with always available solutions. Our dedicated specialists have the depth of training and experience to design, build, and execute the most successful technology solutions for the unique needs of government and defense, public safety, oil and gas, media, mining, utilities, maritime and recreation and leisure. We are a trusted consultant empowering our clients to Succeed. Anywhere.


About AnsuR

AnsuR was started in Oslo, Norway, in 2005, by Dr. Harald Skinnemoen, out of a desire to create ground breaking visual communication solutions for real-world situations. Since then, AnsuR has grown consistently to include a highly talented and focused group of people working to drive constant improvement and evolution of our solutions to support those for whom visual communication is often mission critical.


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