Intense & Thrilling Races (RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup) need Intense Data Solutions from Network Innovations

At every RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup race, the young racers are thrilling fans as they navigate the course at some of the highest speeds. 

Why do they do it? These young racers are competing to become the next MotoGP racers taking their game to the next level on a global stage. Network Innovations understands how important these races are and how much data each race creates as texts, videos, news, and calls are transmitted from the thousands of fans. Highest speeds are not only on the track but in the air as Network Innovations’ VSAT data solutions using a Cobham Explorer 8100 series antenna atop a constructed energy station streams communications around the world faster than a RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup Racer.