Case Study: US Navy Research Vessel Undergoes Critical Power Upgrades

Fusion Marine’s technicians reinstate power on large research vessel within a tight time-frame, ensuring marine exploration can continue.

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in the panelA research vessel is a boat or ship which is designed and equipped to carry out research at sea. On board these vessels, explorers can deploy divers, equipment, and submersibles to carry out several roles. Exploring challenging and remote areas at sea is becoming increasingly important in helping us understand the complex nature of our oceans and predict future change.
Due to the demanding nature of the work, these vessels and their equipment need to be in working order to meet the strict criteria and precision needed to produce accurate research.
A U.S. Navy Office owned vessel, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, was conducting a research project in Taiwan, when it began experiencing power issues.
With a large team of scientists on board, the problem progressed to interfere with their equipment. They were unable to continue their work and required expert help, quickly, to bring clean power to the vessel.

Blog Icon Master 2021_SolutionTHE SOLUTION

The team on board required power in a tight time frame. Fusion Marine’s industry experts carry out a wide range of work, from maritime installations to critical repairs in remote locations.
A crew of three technicians from Fusion Marine flew to Taiwan and arrived at the vessel’s location, ready to combat the power issues being faced. Seven lineators were installed on each one of the circuits used to power the research equipment - crucial assets in aiding the crew on board throughout their mission.
This solution provided clean power, ensuring the smooth running of the equipment and accurate readings. Fusion Marine handled the installation from start to finish, from shipping the materials needed, to testing the final units installed. The research team could continue their work with no further interruptions.


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"Due to the critical nature of their research, this project needed to be turned around in just five days. Three of our technicians flew to Taiwan, quickly bringing clean power back to the vessel."
– Philip Terrile, Director of Commercial Service at Fusion Marine
Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE result

Fusion Marine reinstated power on board the vessel within a matter of days, meaning the crew could continue their work with little to no effect on their research contract.
The technicians provided a solution that met the urgent nature of this requirement, resulting in a long-lasting relationship with the crew. Fusion Marine have since carried out more electrical work on the ship, ensuring the crew and vessel remains operational, safe, and connected.

“We’re glad we could bring precision back to the research carried out on board this vessel. This was a challenging project with a quick turnaround, the result of which we’re very proud of.” - Philip Terrile


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