Case Study: Network Innovations Enables DPG Media's Remote Journalist to Stay Safe & Connected

DPG Media overcomes connectivity challenges with tracking and communications solutions.

Blog Icon Master 2021_Challenge The challenge

Audiences around the world demand news in real-time. When news gatherers head into the field to cover a story, they rely on staying connected, no
matter where the story takes them. Working alone can make reporters vulnerable, especially in remote or conflict locations. They need to be able to communicate with their crew back home, not only to provide critical news, but to ensure them of their safety.

DPG Media is a Belgian media company, also operating in the Netherlands and Denmark. The company carries brands in television, radio, news, online services, magazines, and telco, with a mission to inform, inspire, and entertain their consumers. With 15 million viewers, readers, and listeners, they offer effective and reliable news to the public.

With journalists occasionally entering disaster areas for critical reports, the safety of their reporters is a huge priority. Following the recent conflict in Afghanistan, DPG Media needed to maintain a low profile when entering the region and reporting on events. To not draw attention, a lone news gatherer made their way to the area.

With no way of locating personnel working remotely, safety posed a challenge for DPG Media. They would be operating in a rural conflict region with little to no cellular coverage. In case of an emergency, their journalist required a trustworthy solution to keeping them safe, always located, and connected.

Blog Icon Master 2021_SolutionTHE SOLUTION

Following several years of providing their crew with connectivity, Network Innovations maintains a strong working relationship with DPG Media and have spent decades assisting the world’s leading news agencies to capture, produce, and distribute content. When this safety requirement arose, Network Innovations was the first call.

Before entering Afghanistan, it was essential that DPG Media gained visibility of their remote journalist. Enter NI Track, Network Innovations’ web-based tracking solution, providing asset locations - including position, speed, altitude, and heading - tracked in real-time via worldwide GPS updates.

Easily partnered with almost any tracking hardware available, NI Track was integrated with an Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone. This enabled DPG Media to effortlessly monitor the location and movements of their personnel, without any user intervention. The Iridium Extreme offers GPS functionality and military-grade durability. Combining location awareness, an SOS button, and market leading toughness, this solution provided DPG Media with truly global coverage and most importantly, peace of mind that their journalist could communicate anytime, anywhere.


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"In addition to reliable technology, support is very important to us. With Network Innovations we have a reliable and experienced partner who can advise and assist us 24/7."
–DPG Media
Blog Icon Master 2021_ResultTHE result

Reliable connectivity is crucial for DPG Media to keep their crew safe and get the job done. Leveraging NI Track, DPG Media could access not only the current location, but also the historical locations of their journalist through one simple interface.

Network Innovations was able to provide a quick-to-deploy solution that increased safety, security, and efficiency for a lone worker in the field. Equipped with this end-to-end tracking and communications solution, DPG Media was able to continue operations with a journalist in the field to deliver critical news updates efficiently, but more importantly, safely.

DPG Media continues to work with the team at Network Innovations, ensuring they can continue reporting and Succeed. Anywhere.


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