Building Resilient Military SATCOM with EM&C

NIC4 expert is a featured speaker at Global MilSatCom 2022

It’s essential that military forces can leverage all available satellite capabilities and enjoy information dominance on the battlefield. The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is building an Enterprise Management and Control system (EM&C) as a crucial enabler for resilient military satellite communications, providing real-time data to decision makers through a distributed, cloud-based environment.

For the USSF, EM&C is part of their operational strategy to make global satellite communications more resilient against adversaries and more effective for mission-critical operations. With rapidly growing information requirements and increasing volatility in location, scope, and type of conflicts, U.S. Armed Forces rely on SATCOM to accomplish their missions.

Our government-focused division, NIC4, continues to support the USSF in delivering highly flexible SATCOM services to the U.S. military and Department of Defense (DOD) – steadily delivering functional increments of the EM&C system.

The initial Terminal Registry Service prototype is now complete and provides an authoritative source of terminal data. Work is progressing on the development of the Service Provider Registry Service prototype, providing a structured, authoritative catalog of commercial and military SATCOM services, which can be allocated to fulfill the DOD’s mission requirements. With efforts now beginning on the Mission Profile Registry Service to capture SATCOM mission requirements within EM&C, these will together provide the foundational elements of the EM&C SATCOM planning capabilities. When fully developed and deployed, EM&C capabilities will ensure battlefield resilience, ease of operation, and the collection of data for situational awareness, future planning, and support.

Currently leading NIC4’s EM&C efforts is Dave Meadows, NIC4’s Division Vice President for Advanced Programs. As a featured speaker at the November 2022 Global MilSatCom conference, Dave is set to deliver an overview of the value that EM&C brings towards providing resiliency to military communication efforts, including the progress already achieved by NIC4.

“A key value of this capability is the ability to operate in challenged environments,” said Dave. “Terminals can be deployed in tactical situations in a contested combat situation where adversaries will try to cripple our SATCOM due to its importance for our operational capabilities. We’re proactively working to increase resilience across a variety of potential threats.”

Hear more in Dave’s presentation on Wednesday 9th November:

14:45 – 15:15

  • Overview of EM&C concepts and the value it brings
  • Current status of EM&C pre-production systems development
  • Planned future efforts
  • Lessons learned


NIC4 at Global MilSatCom 2022

Returning to London on 8-10th November, Global MilSatCom delves into the latest trends and topics shaping the future of military satellite communication. Chad Gatlin (Chief Officer, NIC4) will be in attendance, alongside Dave Meadows, for the three-day conference.

Hailed as one of the most important gatherings in the world for the community, Global MilSatCom 2022 will once again be an unmissable event as MILSATCOM takes on a new level of importance in global conflict.

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