4 Ways Satellite Communications Can Help Prepare You For a Disaster

While events like hurricanes and wildfires cannot be controlled, you can prepare for emergencies with critical communications.

Hurricanes, wildfires, floods – natural disasters are inevitable. As these unplanned events go, emergencies devastate infrastructure and come without warning. For people and businesses in high-risk regions, disaster preparedness is crucial.

After an active 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted an “above-average” 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. Last year in the U.S., damages from the 2021 disasters totaled approximately $145 billion.

Our Public Safety Business Development Director, Steve Hailey, often uses the phrase: “Prepare for, respond to, and recover from”. A fitting expression when talking about communications during an emergency. A satellite connection offers an alternative path to terrestrial networks when cell towers are down, making it a vital element in any personal or organizational preparedness plan.

Here are four ways satellite communications can play into your preparedness plan:

[1] Personal Communications

dorian-relief-kitIntroduce a satellite phone or hotspot device for a solution that works when cell and landlines don’t.

Terrestrial infrastructure is often damaged during natural calamities, leaving those relying on a cellular device without a connection to call loved ones or emergency services. Network Innovations’ satellite-based phones, hotspots, and tracking devices aren't restricted to regions covered by cell towers, so users can remain in contact regardless of cellular network destruction.

Satellite phones have proved to be increasingly indispensable during several types of emergencies. A perfect example includes our work following Hurricane Dorian in 2019, where satellite phones enabled residents to call their loved ones, despite traditional communication lines being compromised.

[2] Backup For Your Business

A business continuity plan is a must-have when considering disaster preparedness. Safeguard your operations by implementing a backup satellite solution for instant infrastructure when existing networks are damaged or destroyed.

Nearly every business and public entity relies on its voice and data connections to the outside world. Network downtime not only brings business to a hard stop, but can also result in reputational damages, regulatory compliance penalties, and other serious issues that could cause downtime dollar amounts to soar.

Among the most resilient backup communication and network connectivity systems are satellite-enabled solutions. Network Innovations helps businesses remain online with resilient network solutions and backup communications using satellite (data and PTT), cellular, two-way radio, and hybrid configurations.

Utilizing Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT service, Bruce Power – a leader in emergency preparedness – has a critical line of backup communication from their command center. Should a problem arise, operators have the ability to quickly increase their bandwidth, enabling Bruce Power to maintain a robust and multi-faceted emergency response program.

[3] A Critical Connection for Emergency Response

critical-communications-kitEmergency response teams rely on working communication networks to connect with command centers, share timely situational awareness data, and coordinate efforts to allocate resources for effective and rapid response. With lives dependent on it - reliable, uninterrupted connectivity is critical. 

During unexpected disasters, quick to deploy mobile and portable satcom field equipment can provide immediate communications capabilities. Network Innovations’ Critical Communications Kits are designed for response teams that need to establish secure data, video, and phone connectivity. Device agnostic and interoperable, Radio-over-IP (RoIP) solutions can help connect first responders, coordinate field operations, and ultimately, keep crews safe.

Response teams with larger bandwidth requirements should consider creating a dedicated backup communications system. MAVERICK VSAT provides high-speed data and voice transfer options for emergency response – extending corporate and HQ networks to field units, seamlessly and securely.

[4] SATCOM & Beyond. More Preparedness Tips:

Emergency-Essentials-Ultimate-Guide-to-Hurricane-Preparedness-tbUse this handy guide to complete your list of emergency essentials. For more resources about hurricane preparedness and response, visit ready.gov.

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